Humans love complexity and I have of late been doing some tongue in cheek quantum mechanical abstractions and analogies, which might keep some happy. In reality much of life can be explained by the prejudicial Kronecker delta function. It is a pseudo-logical “truth” gate. It is not complex at all.

If someone is like us then = OK, if not then = enemy.

If someone plays by our rules then = sane, if not then = lunatic.

If part of the cabal = chum, if not then = mortal enemy to be destroyed.

If they hold the same world view as us = right, if they hold a different view = wrong.

If they share the same values as us = OK, if not then = weird.

If they accumulate wealth and kudos = success, if not = failure.

Despite all pretence this kind of pseudo-logical thinking prevails and underpins whatever it is we opine. Prejudice abounds. Us and them thinking, polarized as it is, dominates human interactions. It is the “system” and upon such delta functions is society built and social conditioning administered. People are forever trying to condition others into their “mores” and ways of behaving. There can be no other way….

One thought on “Complexity

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